Past Research Projects: University of Durham 1992 - 2004

Past research projects which I have had include:

JISC/JTAP CSSECDeveloping a Virtual Community for Student Groupwork 1996-1998
TLIAG SEGWorldTeaching & Learning: Network-Based Support for Software Engineering Group projects 1997-1998
BT WEBWorld-Wide Web Maintenance and Evolution 1996-1999
REMAINRe-Use and Maintenance of Designs with Steven Bradleyfunded by British Steel 1998-1999
TCS PhilipsTeaching Company Scheme with Philips Components, Washington, with Steven Bradleyfunded by EPSRC/DTI and Philips 1998-2000Project details
CARDComputer-Aided Roll Designfunded by EPSRC (under SEBPC) 1998-2001
EURO BIGBusiness Informatics Guildfunded by ERDF 1998-2001part of the Business-ict Project(Bi z-kit)
Web-SEMWeb Site Evaluation Metrics with the Centre for Internet Computing, Uni versity College Scarborough (UCS)funded by UCS Feb 2000-Dec 2000Dalton's Workbench
INSIDEAn Institutionally Secure Integrated Data Environment with the School of Computer Science ,University of St Andrewsfunded byJISC 2000-2002Project Website
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TCS CACDPTeaching Company Scheme with The Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People, Durham, with Liz Burdfunded by EPSRC/DTI and CACDP 2000-2002
Co-DEEDSCollaborative Determination, Elaboration and Evolution of Design Spaces,ROPA proposalEPSRC ROPA project funded 2001-2003Project papers
Suregrave-TCSTeaching Company Scheme with Suregrave, Joint Project with Mathematical Sciencesfunded by EPSRC/DTI and Suregrave (UK) Ltd. 2002-2004Project Workspace(BSCW)

Past EU Framework and Esprit funded projects:

LeGE-WGLearning Grid of Excellence Working GroupThematic Network funded by the European Commission 2002-2004Project Workspace(SiteScape)LeGE-WG websiteCLRC Project WebsiteGreek LeGE-WG website Durham paper
IST-2000-29380GENESISGEneralised eNvironment for procEsS management in cooperative Software Engineering (GENESIS)RTD project funded by the European Commission and project partners 2001-2003Project WorkspaceDurham webpagesDurham publications
AMESApplication Management Environments and Support 1993-96