Practitioner Project P1094

ESPRIT Project P1094 - Practitioner

Selection of papers based on Practitioner Project research

    • Hafedh Mili, Roy Rada, Weigang Wang, Karl Strickland, Cornelia Boldyreff, Lene Olsen, Jan Witt, Jurgen Heger, Wolfgang Scherr, Peter Elzer, Practitioner and SoftClass: A Comparative Study of Two Software Reuse Research Projects, The Journal of Systems and Software, Volume 25, Number 2, pages 147-170, May 1994.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff and Uwe Krohn, The Practitioner Reuse Support System (PRESS): A Consideration from the Aspect of Tool Interconnection, Proceedings of the Fourth IFAC/IFIP Workshop on Experience with the Management of Software Projects, Austria, May 18-20, 1992. The proceedings including this paper with the same title have been published in the following volume: Annual Review in Automatic Programming, Volume 16, Part II, Edited by P. Elzer and V. Haase, Pergamon Press, pages 55-62, 1992.

    • Pat Hall, Cornelia Boldyreff and Jian Zhang, PRACTITIONER: Pragmatic Support for the Re-use of Concepts in Existing Software, in Software Re-use, Utrecht 1989, Liesbeth Dusink and Patrick Hall (Eds.), Workshops in Computing Series, Springer-Verlag, 1991.

    • Jian Zhang and Cornelia Boldyreff, Towards Knowledge-Based Reverse Engineering, Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Knowledge-Based Software Assistant Conference, Syracuse, NY, 24-28 September 1990.

    • Kim Bisgaard, Cornelia Boldyreff, Peter Elzer, Pat Hall, Johannes Keilmann, Horst Kern, Lene Olsen, Jan Witt and Jian Zhang, The Practitioner REuse Support System (PRESS): A Tool Supporting Software Reuse, Proceedings of the Third Annual Workshop: Methods and Tools for Reuse, CASE Center, Syracuse University, 13-15 June 1990.

    • Patrick Hall and Cornelia Boldyreff, Software reuse, chapter in Software Engineer's Reference Book, John McDermid, Editor, Butterworths, June 1990.

    • C. Boldyreff, P. Elzer, P. Hall, U. Kaaber, J. Keilmann and J. Witt, PRACTITIONER: Pragmatic Support for the Reuse of Concepts in Existing Software, Proceedings of Software Engineering 1990 (SE90), Brighton, UK, Cambridge University Press, 1990.

    • H. Albrechtsen, Software concepts: knowledge organization and the human interface. In: Tools for Knowledge Organization and the Human Interface/edited by R. Fugmann. - Frankfurt (Main): Indeks Verlag, pp. 48-63. (Advances in Knowledge Organization, 1), 1990.

    • C Boldyreff and J Zhang, From Recursion Extraction to Automated Commenting - A Transformational Approach towards Reverse Engineering of Software to Support Reusability, Paper printed in the Proceedings of REUSE, MAINTENANCE AND REVERSE ENGINEERING OF SOFTWARE: Current Practice and New Directions, UNICOM Seminars Limited, London, 29 November-1 December 1989. (Reprinted as: C. Boldyreff and J. Zhang, From recursion extraction to automated commenting, in Software Reuse and Reverse Engineering in Practice, Edited by P. A. V. Hall, pp 253-270, Chapman \& Hall, 1992.

    • P Hall and C Boldyreff, Software Reuse Overview, Technical Briefing, Paper printed in the Proceedings of REUSE, MAINTENANCE AND REVERSE ENGINEERING OF SOFTWARE: Current Practice and New Directions, UNICOM Seminars Limited, London, 29 November-1 December 1989.

    • C Boldyreff, P Hall and J Zhang, Reusability: The Practitioner Approach, Position paper printed in: Workshop "Reuse" RESEARCH IN PROGRESS, Delft University of Technology, pp 1-9, November 1989.

    • C Boldyreff and P Hall, Reusability: Evaluation of Practitioner Project Experience and Future Directions, CASE 89 Advance Working Papers, pp 470-471, Imperial College, London, July 17-21, 1989.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, Software Engineering Design - A Paradigm Case of Computer Supported Cooperative Working, chapter in Design Issues in CSCW, Duska Rosenberg and Chris Hutchison (editors), Springer-Verlag, 1994.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, Design Framework Method - A Case Study of Application, Position Paper for Second International Workshop on Software Reusability, Lucca, Italy, March 24--26, 1993.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, Design Frameworks: A Basis for Recording Program Understanding, Position paper in Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Program Comprehension, Orlando, Florida, 9th November 1992.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, A Design Framework for Software Concepts in the Domain of Steel Production, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information System Developers Workbench, Gdansk, 22-24 September 1992.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, What can Software Engineering learn from Design Theory?, Position paper produced for discussion panel on Design Activity and Design Issues at the CSCW-SIG Workshop on Design Issues in CSCW, DTI, London, 17 March 1992.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, Design methods for integrating system components, in Software Reuse and Reverse Engineering in Practice, Edited by P. A. V. Hall, pp 81-97, Chapman \& Hall, 1992.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, A CASE Tool Supporting Reuse: the PRESS, CASE '90 Fourth International Workshop on CASE, Irvine, CA, USA, 5-8 December 1990.

    • Cornelia Boldyreff, Supporting System Design From Reusable Design Frameworks, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on INFORMATION SYSTEM DEVELOPERS WORKBENCH Methodologies, Techniques, Tools and Procedures, Gdansk, 25-28 September 1990.

    • C Boldyreff, Reuse, Software Concepts, Descriptive Methods and the Practitioner Project, pp 25-31, ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Vol 14, No 2, April 1989.

    • Ian Sedwell, Ulla Kaaber, and Hanne Albrechtsen, The Linguistic Analysis of Unix On-Line Documentation, Unrestricted, P1094-BrU-WPC4-WORKING PAPER-8814, Word version (converted from troff text), 1988.

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